Overview of an Operating System for a parallel computer with both Many-core and Multi-core architecture

In the field of high performance computing (HPC), the super computer development of the PetaFLOPS class becomes the one of the reality. The development of the ExaFLOPS system is the following technological opportunity. In this study, the infrastructure software to use Many-core architecture that will become the main current of HPC in the future effectively is researched and developed aiming at the achievement of ExaFLOPS system. We are assuming the system architecture to use past Multi-core architecture together with Many-core Architecture. We aim at OS Architecture that can use Many-core and Multi-core from the application program as a single system. In this paper, we show the overview of the OS and discuss on problems of the OS for Many-core architecture system. Moreover we describe the management of processes, threads, memory and also inter-OS communication handling.